Core drilling, Concrete cutting, Rock breaking and Maintenance

Civil Cutting and Drilling cc offers a range of services relating to core drilling, concrete cutting, and boulder busting – as well as services relating to property maintenance and plumbing in Cape Town area, the West Coast, South Coast and adjacent interior.

Click Here for more information on plumbing and building maintenance services, or see below for services relating to concrete cutting and drilling, as well as controlled demolitions:

  • Core Drilling.
  • Dowel hole drilling
  • Core stitch drilling – stitch drill openings for doors and stairways.
  • Concrete cutting – reinforced concrete slab and joint cutting.
  • Wall sawing – saw-cut openings into walls and floors.
  • Rock breaking – destruction of rocks on building sites, landscaping and for swimming pool construction.
  • Controlled demolition – boulder buster demolitions – chemical rockbreaking.
  • Joint Sealing – sealing of wall and floor joints.
  • Joint repair – repairs of floor joints
  • Plinth grouting

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